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Until September 5, 2000 an organisation called WebRing provided a valuable free service to the internet community. The service allowed like minded websites to be joined together in a simple easily navigated manner. Unfortunately after that date Yahoo took over the WebRing organisation and made some radical changes to the way the rings would operate.
As a result of these changes I have investigated alternatives. Gunnar Hjalmarsson created a GNU package called Ringlink that operated in a similar manner to the now defunct WebRing.

I have decided to host a more acceptable webring using Gunnar's Ringlink on my server for a few of the rings that I am associated with. The software provides the tools you need to run a webring, i.e. a system of links between websites of similar contents. It makes use of the program Ringlink.

For members, and prospective members, of the webrings mentioned below you can skip the rest of this text and proceed direct to the functionality you require.

There is a "FAQ" page available here, however, if you wish to run a webring using Gunnar's Ringlink, you are assumed to be familiar with the webring concept before you start. Useful general help about setting up and running a webring can be found here, but if you have questions specifically related to the tools at Gunnar's Ringlink, feel free to contact the administrator.

Please post any comments and suggestions about the Ringlink program to the Ringlink Mailing List. Postings to the list are archived here.

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